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Sentence Arrangement -4. Competition Examination Questions Based Exercises-- Solution & Explanation

Sentence Arrangement is to arrange the given sentences in a meaningful sequence. For this, link of one sentence with other is to be identified through some key words. Although there is no foolproof method for this yet some tips are helpful in finding out their links. 

To quote a few:

 Pronouns in a sentence indicate link of that sentence with other sentence having a noun  which it  qualifies.

Words like Initially, finally, resultantly, consequently etc. also indicate position of a sentence in the sequence.

Articles like 'a' and 'the' used with a noun also give indication of link of this sentence with other sentence containing the same noun. 'A' is used when a noun is used for the first time and 'the' is used to refer to that noun again.

Sometimes adjectives like 'this', 'that, 'these' or 'those' used with a noun also indicate link of this sentence with some other sentence containing the same noun. 

 The options given in answer are also of great help in finding out the correct answer. These options can be checked one by one and incorrect options can be ruled out and the correct one can be sorted out.

 Here follow some examples which elaborate the point.

Arrange the following sentences in a meaningful sequence.


A. A small farm house in his native village was the place where finally Peter was able to realise his dream by opening an academy to impart training of martial art to young boys and girls of the village.

B. During his school days, Peter, an ambitious and energetic boy,  was not so intelligent but just an average student in his class.

C. Soon Peter left his school for good and set out on a path where he could show his talent and could establish himself as he had planned in his mind. 

D. Despite his best efforts, he could not create his interest in his studies but he wanted to do something what others do not do and for this he was ready to go to any extent.


1. BDCA  2. CDAB 3. BCDA  4.ACBD

In the given answer combinations, no combination starts with D. 
Two options start with B and one each  with C and A.
In A the word finally indicates that some action prior to this was going on.So answer should not start with A. Combination 4 is ruled out.
In C the words 'soon Peter left' suggests that prior to this some activities of Peter in school were there. 
B  describes about Peter's school days. D describes about efforts of Peter in school and C tells that Peter left the school. 
This shows  that C will follow B and D.
But in answer 2. C precedes D and B. So this cannot be answer.

Out of the remaining two 1 and 3, in 3 C is prior to D so this too cannot be the answer. 

1. BDCA is answer. This can be checked to verify its correctness.

B describes about Peter during his school days. D describes his activities during those days. C tells that he left the school and A describes about his activities after his  leaving the school.)


A. Young boys and girls from different states of the country join the academy every year. This is the institute where I got training after my schooling.

B. Candidates  are taken to the playground then to learn feats of the game while playing. The instructors remain with the players throughout the time they play.

C. Training starts from classrooms where  trained instructors deliver lectures and train the candidates. 

D. The Hockey academy of the city that imparts training to young boys and girls is proud of having  produced many talented players for the country.

1. ADBC  2. CBDA 3. DACB 4. BCDA


Find out answer by checking the given combinations.

The combinations given as answer start with different alphabets ABC D.

Option A tells about the institute were the narrator got training. Option D tells about the academy which gives training to candidates. So A should follow D. The article 'the' with 'institute' and 'academy' confirms this fact. In options 2,3 and 4 only, A follows D. Thus option 1  cannot be the answer.

 Option C tells about training of candidates in class room and option B tells about their further training in the playground. The word 'then' confirms this. So B  should follow C. This is in option 3 only. 

Option 3 appears to be  the probable answer. This combination can be checked to verify its correctness. D tells about an institute, A tells about narrator's joining that institute, C tells about training of candidates in classroom and finally B tells about their training in the playground. Option 3 DACB is the answer.) 


Hereunder  sentences X and Y are given , arrange the sentences ABCD between them in a meaningful sequence.

X. Vision limits perception of a person and to know the realities of life one has to rise above oneself. 

A. The frog  from the above finds  it  so large as it had never imagined of it even.

B. Soon a crow flying in the sky pounces upon it and takes it away clinching in its paws.

C. A frog sitting on the bank of a pond thinks  this world to be as large as a  pond.

D. The frog let off from  claws of the crow finds itself in a well and realises that the world is within those walls only.

Y. A great man is he who  rises above himself and starts  thinking  beyond himself and  all that surrounds him.


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