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Sentence Arrangement -3. Competition Examination Questions Based Exercises-- Solution & Explanation

 Sentence Arrangement is to identify the meaning and sense contained in the given sentences and arrange them in a meaningful sequence.

From the examination point of view, the question of Sentence arrangement can be attempted in an  easy and quick way. It can be done by examining the given options of the question. The given options can be checked one by one and the correct one can be sorted out. This saves much time.

Here are some examples to elaborate.

Arrange the following sentences in a meaningful way.


A. Girls in this way form an integral part of the family as well as of the society.

B.Girls used to attend to different household chores only till recent past
but with the passage of time their activities have spread to different fields which were not theirs earlier.

C. They not only take part in these activities but they excel their counterparts in them.

D.Imparting good education to girls for  this reason has become the most essential thing these days as it not only develops their own personality but also of the family.



Two sentences A and B start with a noun 'Girls', C with a pronoun 'they' and D with a noun, gerund, 'imparting'.  No option starts with C. Two options start with A and one each with B and D. The words 'in this way' in A and 'for this reason' in D show that these have their reference in some previous sentence. First sentence should be B. So answer is the only option starting with B, 4. BCAD. This combination can be checked for its correctness.)


A. Of late some of its partners  had been insisting on bringing  some changes in its working pattern.

B. Its all  partners  had invested  huge amounts in it and no one wanted it to be dissolved.

C. In fact even those partners who favoured changes also did not want it to be dissolved.

D. The three decade old partnership of the firm was not going to be dissolved so easily.


1.  BADC 2. DABC 3. DBAC 4. CDAB.

There is no option starting with A. Two options start with D and one each with B and C. B starts with the word 'its' which shows that it has reference to some sentence prior to it. The words 'even those' in option C show its link with some earlier reference to 'partners'. These sentences cannot be first sentence so answer should  start with D. Now after D (according to 2 and 3 ) whether it is A or B. B explains further what is said in D.The word 'dissolved' shows its link with B. Answer is DBAC. )


A. Its path is paved with patches of both smooth and rough ground.

B. To achieve it, one should have not only strong willingness to tread on all types of path but also steadfastness of achieving it.

C. Success in life is not like climbing up a ladder but it is like  going up a cliff.

D. On its achievement one gets the real joy and forgets all encountered with on one's way.


1.  CABD  2. BCAD  3. DBAC  4. CDAB.

No option starts with A. Two options start with C and one each with B and D. The words 'it' (pronoun) and 'its' (possessive pronoun) in B and D respectively show their link with some earlier reference. These cannot be the answer. So answer should start with C. C starts with a noun 'success'. A sentence starting with a noun can be first sentence. Now according to 1 and 4, after C whether it is A or D. D after C does not give complete meaning. It shows some incomplete meaning. Answer is CABD. Complete answer can be checked now.)


A. People understanding this principle never fail and they always move ahead of others doing their task with greater precision and more efficiently.  

B. Those who realise its value and accomplish all their activities and tasks in time always succeed in their life.

C. Time management plays an important role in the life of a man therefore for a man it is of  great importance to  stick to his time schedule while doing his task.

D. In this way, if a man manages his time effectively he not only completes his job in time but also saves himself from avoidable difficulties.



A. Honesty too is such a habit that takes its roots in the character of a person in his early life and remains with him for his whole life.

B. So it becomes imperative on the part of parents to inculcate moral values among their children in their early age so that they are able to comprehend their value when are faced with any situation. 

C. if a person has traits of dishonesty in his character these cannot be changed so easily because habits are  easy to make but  difficult to break.

D. Habits are formed in a person at a very young age say in childhood, they form a firm foundation and continue with him throughout his life.



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