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Sentence Arrangement -2. Competition Examination Questions Based Exercises-- Solution & Explanation


There are different types of questions relating to arrangement of jumbled sentences into a meaningful sequence in competition examinations.  Mostly these are with given options and the correct sequence is to be selected out of those options. In some cases there are first and last sentences given and the remaining four sentences are to be arranged in between these two sentences. There are sometimes questions relating to first, third, fourth or last correct option of the sequence etc. However for any mode, the method of arranging these remains the same by understanding meaning and sense of the sentences and arranging these by finding out links between them. It remains pertinent to say that there is no foolproof specific rule for this.

Here follow some examples for explanation and practice.

Exercise  One

Of the following sentences, sentnces A and B form the first and the last sentence of the sequence respectively. Arrange the remaining four  sentences into a meaningful sequence between these two.

A. Of the various kinds of scholars who go to universities, there are mainly those who devote themselves to leisure of learning and acquiring knowledge, imparting their knowledge to their fellow beings through their discourses and writings.

P. In this way, a University, by all means, is sanguine to be called a place of learning for all those who acquire as well as those who impart knowledge, it thus in a way unites and allows all of them to mingle with each other to get acquainted.

Q. Among all of these, however, there remains an underneath pedagogic instinct whatever the reason of their pursuit be whether avocation or a quest for a goal.   

R. Most of them engage themselves to gain knowledge for adding to their academic achievements through degrees and medals, their pursuit is orchestrated to achieve their objective. 

S. Scholars resort to universities also for being trained to impart their knowledge to others, so while being taught they have to undergo various procedures of displaying their knowledge and showing its authenticity.

B. Universities, in a way,  bring together all those who are scholars, those  who intend to teach and those who want to be taught, meet with    their all requirements besides providing a common niche for them.

1. QSRP  2. SRPQ  3. SQPR 4. RQSP


In such questions one should go by the given options.

In this question Sr. no, A and B are given and the remaining PQRS are to be arranged in between these two. A describes activities of scholars in universities. B describes role of universities relating to scholars.  

 Two options start with S and one each with R and Q. No option starts with P. So no need to see to it.
S states that scholars resort to.....also for...The word also tells that there was discussion about scholars in previous sentences. This shows possibility of link with A. Two options 2 and 3 start with S. 

In option 2 R follows S. In R there is repetition of statement of S. In 3, Q follows S in which there is a general statement about teaching instinct. These do not fit here as answer. 

Q states that ...among all of these... Pronoun these indicates some prior reference This links it with S as it describes the categories of scholars who go to universities for different purposes.

The words 'a majority of them' in R shows its link with A. Q describes further about scholars already referred to. S gives more details of activities of scholars. 
Q elaborates further the point stated about scholars in R. So Q should follow R. This is in option 4.

P refers to universities where these scholars go for their pursuits. B elaborates the same point further. This shows link between P and B. So answer is 4 RQSP.

Exercise Two

A. Problems of people living in urban areas are different from those of people living in rural areas though the need of basic necessities remains the same for both the categories.

P. This has resulted into growth of population of these cities beyond planners' imagination and problems of these cities too are rising beyond control of the authorities concerned. 

Q. These problems arise mainly due to these cities being over populated and developed without any planning and making future provisions.

R. People living in these big cities face problems like scarcity of water or power supply, over-crowded roads and visiting places, traffic congestions on roads and limited parking places for vehicles etc.

S. People in large number from nearby areas are moving to these cities for  their livelihood and better basic amenities and this is causing haphazard growth of dwelling areas in and around these cities.

B. The need of the hour is broad macro-planning for various cities keeping in view the local requirements and envisaging  future growth of population of the area.



In such questions there is need to find links between different sr nos.
Sr. no. P describes problems of people living in urban areas. B suggests solution of this problem.
R gives details of these problems whereas Q enlists reasons of these problems. So R should follow A and Q should follow R. S further tells about reasons and P gives the result of these problems. B tells about solution of these problems.
In this way a possible sequence is RQSP.
This is option 3. Answer is 3 RQSP.

Exercise Three

A. Human body needs all the constituents of food for its balanced development otherwise deficiency of any of these may cause serious illness.

P. This in turn has resulted in adding to health problems of people rather than solving them because this all has resulted in diminishing immunity of human beings against various diseases.

Q. Nowadays, as a snobbery,  people of all ages have started curtailing different food items without knowing  their requirement for the body.

R  Of late, people have started having controlled quantity of sugar and fats thinking that these cause various diseases of heart and diabetes or obesity etc.

S. In comparison to this, about a couple of decades ago, people were not so much concerned about control over their food rather they were in the habit of taking very rich and abundant food and they were  quite healthy having very few health problems.

B. So before taking any such decision about curtailment of diet one must consult one's physician and must take the required food sufficient to replenish the needs of the body.


1. QSRP   2. SRQP 3.RQPS  4.PSRQ


In such questions one should go by the given options.

In this question, two sentences A and B are given. The remaining four sentences, PQRS are to be arranged in a befitting sequence.

A tells about requirement of food constituents for human body. B contains an advice to consider before curtailing food items quantity.

The given four options start with each of the four serial numbers PQRS.

P. Words 'this in turn' show that this is result of some prior action. This does not fit with A as there is no such reference in it. So option 4 is ruled out.

Q tells about curtailment of food items by people. This shows some link with A. Option 1 can be the possibility.

R further describes items of food like sugar etc. which people take in lesser quantity these days. This does not fit with A as there is no mention of food items in A. So option 3 is ruled out. 

S tells about food habits of people in the past time. This compares food habits of people of past time with those of present days. This does not fit with A so option 2 is ruled out.

P tells about certain activities on human health and B gives advice to be careful about taking different food items. There seems link between these two. P is in last serial in two options 1 and 2. But S cannot follow A. So option 2 is not correct. Correct answer is 1 QSRP.

Exercise Four

A. Khadi Industry,  which was once a lucrative mode of employment for villagers, has lost its sheen and it is no more a source of income for them.

P. Power loom industry of today in fact gives a tough competition to village Khadi industry.

Q. Therefore there is a great demand of these clothes in the market and to meet with it big power looms have come into existence.

R. But people in different parts of the world still like and wear khadi clothes.

S. The Khadi industry is no longer a small village industry but it vies with other industries like Textile industry etc.

B. Clothes and other items made of Khadi produced by power looms are liked and used all over the world and these are considered cheaper and better in quality.


1.SRQP    2.SRPQ  3.RQSP  4. PSRQ

Exercise Five

X.  If a company is to survive in the world of cut-throat competition of today it is of utmost importance for it to update all methods and techniques of its working. 
A. The meeting which was attended by all the staff members  lasted for two hours and the participants were acquainted with the various methods being adopted in the field of marketing today.

B. All the participants considered this meeting very useful for them as they came to know the importance of replacing old methods with the new ones for getting better results in the field of marketing. 

C. Immediately after their return from the seminar, they decided to hold a meeting of the staff in the office and a meeting was called.

D. The directors of the company had an opportunity to attend a seminar on the topic 'New Challenges in the field of Marketing' last week.

Y. Such exchange of ideas and policies among themselves is of great help for a company in framing its new policies and enforcing new techniques of working.


1.BCAD   2. ABDC  3.CBAD 4. DCAB

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