Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Vocabulary-- Sentences with Grammatical Constructions for common usage.

Following are some sentences with grammatical constructions useful for  common use.These are illustrative though not exhaustive. 

1. Either of them is to stay here.

2. Every one of these boys was given an apple.

3. You may like this one or that but I like neither.

4. Neither we nor he was witnessing the match.

5. Not only John but also his companions were given a lift in the car.

6. I saw a black and white cat. I saw a back and a  white cat.

7. The villagers set out on foot early in the morning so as to reach there in time

8. I took him for a pick pocket.

9. They themselves admitted their guilt.

10. This is the man I told you of.

11. The boy whom you helped is very poor.

12. Which is the boy whom you want to see?

13. Whom did Lucy marry?

14. One should do one's  duty. It is not good to entrust one's duty to others.

15. The climate of Delhi is drier than that of Bombay.

16. Both the sisters are exceedingly beautiful.

17. He is the wealthier of the two.

18. The patient is much better today.

19. He is too clever to be taken in.

20. He apologized to you for his impertinence. 

21. I do not believe in what you say.

22. He is lame of one leg. He is blind of one eye.

23. His services have been dispensed with.

24. This pond abounds in (with) fish.

25. This forest is infested with robbers.

26. I am not ready to part with this book.

27. John avenged himself  on the murderer of his brother.

28. He prevented me from going to office.

29.It is time to set out.

30. At last he hit upon a plan.

31.Walking is very useful for health.

32. Running water is always clear.

33. Considering his age he has not acted wisely.

34. Plucking of flowers in this garden is prohibited.

35. I remember to have seen him before.

36. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

37. We got the culprit punished.

38. Did you get the door opened?

39. His brother comes to see her now and then.

40. I was made to do this work.

41. Pay attention to what I am going to say.

42. He would rather lose the case rather than come  to a compromise.

43. He is both a fool and a knave.

44. He has not earned anything since he left his service.

45. He was not only accused and tried but also punished.

46. Either you sinned or your parents.

47. He is  poor but he is honest.

48. No one knows who he is.

49. The house we lived in has fallen down.

50. Do not go there untill you are allowed.

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