Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Vocabulary-- Sentences with Grammatical Constructions for common usage.

Following are some sentences with grammatical constructions useful for  common use.These are illustrative though not exhaustive. 

1.Come what may, we will  beat the rival team this time.

2. Poor as he is, he will sympathise with you.

3. He would rather die than beg.

4. However hard you may try, you cannot beat John in studies.

5. The horse and the carriage is at the door.

6. Bread and Butter is a good food.

7. He as well as you is to blame.

8. We as well as he were swimming in the river.

9.Two and two make four.

10. Weak  though he is, he will not allow his opponents to usurp his property.

11. He talks as if he were mad.

12. God willing, I shall leave for the USA next month.

13. The more you work hard, the more marks you will get. 

14 .  Beware lest you should be taken in by him.

15. You had better go in for this motor cycle. 

16. Not to speak of topping the list, he could not qualify even.

17. He and his brother were in the garden.

18. He with his brother was in the garden.

19. I am afraid lest you should miss the train.

20. Circumstances are such that he cannot help you.

21. Circumstances compelled him to leave his job.

22. He not only gambles but drinks  also.

23.  He shall have to abide by the orders of his boss whether he likes it or not.

24. He has a good run of his business these days.

25  He bids fair to become a good author.

26. Our team has a fair chance to win the match. 

27. All I ask is a fair field and no favour.

28. Do not beat about the bush.

29. Keep off from me. I am sick of you.

30. On seeing me present in the meeting, his face lost all lustre.

31. He comes of a noble family.

32. He passed off a base coin in dark.

33. We will turn up by four o'' clock.

34. There go the lights. There goes the whistle.

35. You should not count upon his help.

36. He purchased all the goods of household on credit.

37. I shall return within a week.

38. Vegetables go bad in summer.

39. The thief  has served his sentence.

40.He is losing flesh and his brother is putting on flesh.

41. The fountain is working. The merry-go-round is whirling.

42. You, he and I are all good players.

43.The jury is of one mind.

44. The jury are at the table.

45. Neither you nor your friend is to blame.

46. Either you or your friend has stolen my purse.

47. We both honour and love our friends.

48. He is not such a boy as we can trust..

49. But for your help he would have been ruined.

50.Both of them are to go at once.

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