Monday, 5 August 2013


Words with same spellings & sound but  in different forms

  • His dealings are above board.
  • A twig is hanging above his head.
  • One should not spend above one’s means.
  • Above all, his father is fair in his dealings.

  • The child swam across the river.
  • The old man placed a log of wood across the ditch.
  • They put the facts before the members across the table.

  • Children should look after their parents.
  • The child takes after its mother.
  • The dog is running after the deer.
  • The doctor advised him to take rest after dinner.
  • Boys reached home after dark.
  • After all he is the head of the family.

  • We are about to reach our home.
  • The old man is about to die.
  • I looked about me but did not find anything.
  • It is about ten o’ clock.


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