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Error Spotting (Subject Identification in a Sentence)- SENTENCES OF COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION QUESTIONS PATTERN

 ERROR SPOTTING --- Identification of Appropriate Subject in a Sentence

In a sentence, Subject, Verb, and Object are its  most important parts. All other parts of speech in the sentence are written in consonance with them. For example Verb, relative pronoun or possessive pronoun used in a sentence are according to its subject. Their variances cause errors. For this reason identification of the proper subject in a sentence is of utmost importance.

In various competitive examinations, there are questions of errors arising due to incorrect identification of  subject and /or other parts of speech relating to it. The identification of an appropriate subject and its relation with other words in the sentence is very essential to find out these errors. 

To explain the point further here follow some illustrations.

In case of a sentence starting with a gerund as its subject singular verb is used e.g.

Playing games like cricket or football is very amusing.

In this sentence,  'Playing' a gerund and used as a noun is subject and words  'games like cricket or football' give further information about it. 
Here 'Playing' is subject. It should not be confused with 'games like cricket or football'.

So verb 'is' according to  a singular subject, 'Playing' , will be used.

Either he or his brothers are at fault.
Neither he nor his friends are at fault.

In the case of either..or, neither ...nor sentences, subject is the noun or pronoun nearer to the verb.

In these cases, they are 'brothers' and 'friends'.

Here verb will be used according to part of the subject nearer to the verb. In the two sentences written above plural verb 'are' will be used according to 'brothers' and 'friends'.

In the case of 'one of the' or; none of the' a plural noun is used after these words.

 For example, 'One of my friends' 'One of those' or 'one of the proposals', etc. 

The verb in this case is used according to the subject. It may be singular or plural as the subject is

Look at the following sentences.

One of my friends has gone abroad.

None of his proposals was accepted.
In these sentences, pronouns 'one' and ' none' are subjects. These should not be confused with friends and proposals.

He is not one of those who shirk work.

This is one of the boxes which were empty.
In these sentences, relative pronouns, ' who' and 'which' describe words immediately prior to them i.e. who describes those and which boxes. So verbs will be used according to these.

Here are similar sentences extracted from question papers of different competitive examinations. 
(Please note that  all of these are adapted.) 


1. To be a king and wear a crown are more glamorous to see than to bear.

2. I am fully aware that my boss is one of those who is totally dedicated to their work.

3. To participate in the contest and win a prize are his ambition.

4. The Principal fined those two students but neither of them were at fault. 

5. Lack of ingredients in appropriate quantity in food lead to its bad taste.  

(All the sentences are adapted from source and  extracted from different question papers of competitive examinations ) 


Find out the error in the following sentences and rectify them.

1. He is one of the borrowers who has not repaid the loan amount.

2. A group of constables were chasing the thief.

3. Neither the students nor their teacher were present in the classroom at that time.

4. Paucity of funds have hindered the smooth working of the project.

5. I want each members of this office should contribute some money for this noble cause.

6. The company had to bear much losses during the previous year.
7. A number of farmers expects rich crops due to good rain fall this year. 

8. It have been only through his help that I am  able  to complete my project.
9. He has got job in one of the biggest enterprise of the country.

10. There is a sect of people in the society that do not believe in such things.


1. who have
2. was
4. has
5. each member
6. many
7. expect
8. It has.... 
9. enterprises
10..... that does


1. All religions teaches to believe in God and do the right but none advocates to do an evil.

2. Modern facilities has made the life of a common man very comfortable but sedentary and lazy. 

3. Harvesting of crops have already been started by farmers during the first week of this month.

4. As thieves in the darkness of night was not visible, they managed to run away.

5. The students and the teacher is planning to go out for a picnic next Sunday.

6. The jury is divided in its judgement. 

7. One of the workers working in the factory have fallen ill and is absent today. 

8. Most of the chapters taught to us by our teacher during this session relates to a single topic.

9. An addition of twenty buses in the local bus service fleet have  improved its service in the city substantially.

10. A group of fifty students of our school have decided to go to nearby villages and undertake job of their cleanliness.

1. teach
2. have
4. were
6. are
7. has
 8.chapters.... relate
9. has improved
10. has


1. The scheme which will be launched during the next two years require an additional investment of one hundred crore

2. These companies have been asked to furnish their financial details and information about its board members.

3. While banks almost always meets the overall target, keeping up with the sub-targets was getting difficult for banks with limited expertise in certain sectors.

4. Not only the students but also the Principal were laughing at the joke, he cracked.

5. The sowing of summer crops such as rice and soybeans and corn have been lagging as a result.

6. Seldom has the discoveries of the world's greatest discoverers like    Copernicus and Galileo been forgotten. 

7. The flood situation in the eastern region of the country remain grim for the fifth day.

8. How many does the cricket bat cost?

9. There was many people who voted for him.

10. Much people attended the feast hosted by the village panchayat.


1. The scheme....... requires
2. about their
3. meet
4......... the principal was... 
5.The sowing..... has
6....... have the.. 
7. remains
8. How much.. 
9. were
10. Many


1. Playing in the park is one of the thing that small children really love.

2. Findings by the investigating team has been sent to the chief investigation officer for his consideration and orders.  

3. My visiting to my family are few and far between.

4. The mother, as well as her children were brought to the police station for interrogation.

5. This coffee is not available in any of the shop in the neighbourhood market.

6. Virat Kohli is one of the best batsman that the world has seen.

7. After a heated argument they went to their respective place.

8. A large number of people opines that demonetazation was not in the interest of the country. 

9. Many people thinks to migrate to other states where ther are enough job opportunities for them.

10. Despite my repeated requests he went out in rain and have caught 

1. the things
2. have
3. is
4. was brought
5..... of the shops... 
6...... best batsmen
 7. places
8. opine
9....... people think.... 
10. ..... he went.... has caught... 

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