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Sentence Arrangement -6. Competition Examination Questions Based Exercises-- Solution & Explanation

 Sentence Arrangement questions can be solved in examination by following certain simple tips. Basically the sentences are to be linked with each other according to their meaning and sense but there are some small tips which are of great help in finding out the link. By applying these,  questions can be solved easily without wasting time. To quote a few :

A sentence containing a noun generally comes first and that containing a pronoun describing that noun comes after that sentence.

A sentence containing the article 'a' before a noun comes first and a sentence containing the article 'the' before that noun comes after that sentence. 

Mostly there is  a central idea, theme or a line of action around which these sentences revolve. That needs to be identified and the sentences too be arranged accordingly.

Sometimes possessive pronouns, indicative pronouns or adjectives used in sentences are also of great help in finding out the location of a sentence.

This can be explained with the help of examples.

In the following exercises first and last sentences of the sequence are given. Arrange the remaining four sentences between these two in a meaningful sequence.


X. Gone are the good old days when people used to visit their relatives during their children's holidays. Nowadays all are busy and nobody wants to visit the relatives nor anybody is happy to receive them. 

P. Suddenly the silver coloured taxi stopped in front of the gate of a house and a hefty man who was the driver of the taxi came out of it.

Q. Its occupants, thereafter, came out of the taxi and started talking with each other looking towards the house while two of them helped the driver in taking the luggage inside the house.

R. As the train stopped at the platform all the family members started rushing out of the cabin taking their luggage with them. A coolie carried the whole luggage to the taxi stand and all the members sat in a taxi.
S. The taxi ran on the roads of the city like an electric train and it reached its destination in an hour. All of its occupants were very happy that they had finally reached their relatives.

Y. Although these days people still go out during their vacation yet such scenes are rarely seen because all prefer to visit places like hill stations or sea beaches etc. instead of their relatives.    



Sometimes small hints work and these are very helpful in finding out the solution.
In P article a is used with noun house and in Q article the is used with house. This shows that Q will follow P. 
Similarly in R article a is used with noun taxi and in S and P article the is used with taxi. This shows that these two S and P will follow R.
PQ combination is in options 2 and 3 and RS combination is in option 1 and 2. So option 4 can be ruled out. SR is not possibility so option 3 too is ruled out. Q cannot follow R so option 1 is also not possible. Only option 2 RSPQ is the answer and it can be verified. 


X. Our country even after so many years of independence is facing a number of problems like  poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy etc. . A large part of its population is deprived of its basic needs even.

P. The greatest tragedy among these today is illiteracy. There are places in our country which are   not having facilities of basic education.  A number of villages are still without a primary school even.

Q. The Government has taken a number of initiatives to reduce it but it still persists in large dimensions. Various efforts made in this regard are showing their results but still  a lot is  to be done.

R. It is a chronic disease that is eating into the vitals of our society and depriving people from getting their basic needs. There is a large number of people in our country who are uneducated.

S. Paucity of resources impedes spreading of literacy among people but it is lack of willingness among them that hinders it the most. People particularly in rural areas do not send their children to school instead they want them to work with them in the fields.

Y. Education not only enhances peoples’ knowledge but it also introduces to them various avenues of their livelihood and better ways of living. The need is to educate people in an effective manner in this direction.


1. PQRS 2. RQPS 3. SPQR   4.PRSQ

Two options start with P and one each with R and S. No option starts with Q. R starts with a pronoun 'it' so it cannot be first sentence. S tells about reasons of problem of illiteracy. It can be first sentence but it shows that there is mention of illiteracy in some other sentence.
X tells about problems the country is facing. The words 'among these' in P show that it describes about one out of some of problems. It links P with X. Now what after P whether Q or R as in options 1 and 4. R tells further about the problem. Q can follow R. S tells about reasons.  Reasons of a problem will be first and steps to remove it will follow that. So option 4 PRSQ is answer and it can be verified. 


X. ISRO originally intended to launch Mars Orbiter Mission with its Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle but the GSLV failed twice in 2010 and still had issues with its cryogenic engine.

P. The initial planned orbit raising manoeuvres were completed with nominal results, while a subsequent supplementary manoeuvre managed its successful transit to Mars.

Q. Since the vehicle was not powerful enough to place Mars Orbiter Mission on a direct-to-Mars trajectory, the spacecraft was planned to be launched into a highly elliptical Earth orbit.

R. The launch was rescheduled, the satellite was placed into Earth orbit with revised perigee and apogee. 

S. The unsuccessful attempts did not deter their enthusiasm but waiting for the new batch of rockets would have delayed the  Mission for at least three years, so ISRO opted to switch to the less-powerful Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

Y. Thus the Indian agency successfully executed a Mars mission in its first attempt; and this brought laurels for India and for The Mars Orbiter Mission team of India.



All the answer options start with different words i.e. PQRS. 
Sentence X tells about beginning of the Mission to Mars whereas Y tells about sucessful accomplishment of the mission.
X tells about failure of launching vehicle and S continues the same thing further saying that these failures had no effect. So X and S can be together.S ends with shifting to a less powerful vehicle. Q further tells about the vehicle. P tells about successful launching of vehicle and the same thing is continued in Y. So S and Q can be together. P and Y can be together. The remaining option R tells about relaunching it can be before P.
So sequence SQRP is the answer.

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Sentence Arrangement -5. Competition Examination Questions Based Exercises-- Solution & Explanation

 Sentence Arrangement questions in examinations are given in different forms. One of the common forms of these is that first and last sentences are given and other four sentences are to be arranged properly between them. This gives an additional feature of checking link of the sentences with these two fixed sentences. However the method of attempting the question remains the same i.e. to check the given options and find our the correct one out of those options. 

The point is made clear with the examples given hereunder.

In the following exercises first and last sentences of the sequence are given. Arrange the remaining four sentences between these two in a meaningful sequence.


X. Social media platforms of today keep us  connected with the world and people around us.

P. In view of all this, it is more distressing to see how far we have drifted in our attitudes to social issues and how fragile is our tolerance for people who are not like us, thanks to these social media platforms.

Q. Not only this but also old film songs and photographs, oiled hair and plaits and lumpy forms are the topics on which we laugh at.

R. Besides our concern about our likes and dislikes, thoughts over our parents, partners and children, afflictions like inflamed joints, failing ears and eyes and loneliness of those whose children  live abroad are also the things that crop up.

S. ‘The  new generation’s parenting skills, disgust for junk food, overcrowded roads and visiting places and over depending on English in daily life’ are the topics  which we mostly discuss and share with each other here.

Y. Our social media accounts although are flooded with information and sermons of our living style yet it is equally true that in action perhaps we lack all this.




The first given sentence tells about benefits of a facility to us. It is in positive mood. The last fixed sentence is in negative mood. It tells about what we lost with this facility. 

P tells about negative effects of the facility to us. This sentence can join the last given sentence. P can be at the end of the sequence. 

Q tells further details of topics discussed on the platform. But it starts with 'not only this' which suggests similar information prior to this also.
R  also gives details of similar topics. The word 'besides' suggests its link with some prior sentence.

S gives detail of topics being discussed on the platform. It can be first sentence after the fixed sentence. 

Out of the given options two options start with S and one each with P and Q. P cannot be first sentence due to the words in view of this. Q also cannot be first sentence as it contains 'not only this'.

For options 3 and 4 it is to find out whether P or Q is to follow S. Out of the two P does not fit here. Only the remaining option is 3 SQRP. This answer can be verified.


X. Nobody knows when the lady luck favours a person and he may not know about it even.

A. The cabman meanwhile was back on his seat before the lady could reply to her husband, he started the cab and they went away.

B. The cab-driver stopped the cab by the roadside near a meadow and went down to drink water.

C. The rich man told his wife about the young man and expressed his desire to her to accept him as their heir as they had no child of their own.

D. The rich man sitting with his wife in the cab peeped out of the cab and saw a handsome young man sleeping under a nearby tree.

Y. The young man missed the chance of being blessed by the Luck dame.

1. ABDC 2. BDCA  3. DACB 4. BCAD


Its sequence is very simple. 
B tells about stopping of a moving cab. In D  Its occupant a rich man looks outside the cab. He sees a young man and in C it tells his wife about the man. In A it tells that the cabman comes back, he starts the cab and they move away. 
This sequence is in option 2 BDCA.


X. An Electric generator, a device working on the principle of electromagnetic induction, is used to produce electric energy, which can be stored and supplied to the homes, shops, offices, etc. 

A. These generators with a wide range of power output capacities and of different sizes are available in the market, thereby, allowing businesses to choose a suitable generator according to their requirement.

B. Commercial standby generators are used to provide power to commercial buildings or organizations  in the event of a power outage by resuming the supply of power swiftly.

C. The size of a standby generator varies according to its power supply capacity. Mostly generators with high power generating capacity are bigger in size in comparison to those with less power generating capacity.

D. It is possible because the process of transferring and resuming power from the generator occurs within seconds, thus ensuring that the equipment or machinery at work continues to work without interruption.

Y. Commercial standby generator sets are very useful in businesses, organizations or companies as they ensure uninterrupted power supply  and prevent any kind of loss occurring  due to a power cut.

1. CABD 2. BDAC 3. ACBD 4. DABC 


The given options start with different alphabets i.e. ABCD. 
Sentence X describes about working of a generator and its use for homes, shops and companies. 
Sentence A describes about different sizes, and capacity of generator and its utility for different types of users.
Sentence D describes about its working and benefits in case of power failure.
Sentence C describes about proportionate sizes of generators according to their output.
Sentence B describes about use and working of a generator sets in the event of need of alternate source of power. It shows its continuity with the sentence X. The words power resumes swiftly links B with D as it also describes power resuming by generator. D proceeds further with working and use of a generator. A describes about different sizes of generators available in the market. C gives use of generations of different sizes for different users. So BDAC is the answer.