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Subject and Verb play a pivotal role in the formation of a sentence. Both these must be in consonance with each other. Subject which is either a noun or a pronoun has numbers i.e. it has singular or plural numbers and it has also its gender forms. A verb has its forms of Present, Past and Past participle. In view of these, a verb must be in accordance with the subject of the sentence. 

For example : 

Most of the boys have taken their food.
Each student was given a prize.
He alongwith his friend goes out for a walk.
He and his friend go out for a walk.

Following sentences illustrate the point.

1.The behaviour of the children was(not were) excellent.
2.Four weeks is ( not are) a good time.
3. The cost of all these articles has (not have) risen.
4. Neither of the two candidates is ( not are) suitable.
5. Each one of these men (is) reliable.
6. Every man and every woman in the village was (not were) terrified.
7. Neither praise nor blame seems (seem) to affect her.
8. The king with his all ministers is (not are) coming to the city.
9. Which one of these books is (not are)yours?
10. A knowledge of modern languages is (not are) essential. 


1.In this sentence there are two nouns 'the behaviour' and 'the children' joined by conjunction 'of '.The main subject in the sentence is 'the behaviour' and not 'the children'. The subject is singular so a singular verb is required.

2. In this sentence the subject 'four weeks' is a single entity and is treated as singular. So singular verb is required.

3.  In this sentence there are two nouns 'the cost '  and 'articles' joined by conjunction 'of '.The main subject in the sentence is 'the cost' and not 'all these articles'. The subject is singular so a singular verb is required.

4. In this sentence 'neither' is a pronoun and is subject. It is always a singular entity. So singular verb is required.

5. 'Each' in this sentence is an adjective describing noun 'one'. Each one is singular so a singular verb is required with it.

6. In such sentences the complete subject is treated as a single entity. Just as in Bread and butter is a good food. For this a singular verb is used.

7.Words like either. neither or each etc are treated as singular and with these a singular verb is required.

8.Two nouns joined with words like 'with, along with, as well as etc.' take verb according to noun preceding these words. In this sentence the king is singular so a singular verb is required.

9. In this sentence one book out of these books is being referred. So as one is singular a singular verb is required.

10.In this sentence there are two nouns 'a knowledge' and 'modern languages' joined by conjunction 'of '. The main subject in the sentence is 'A knowledge' and not 'the languages'. The subject is singular so a singular verb is required. 
In competition examinations sentences with incorrect combinations of Subject and Verb are given to identify and rectify the error.

Here follow some sentences for practice.


1. A fluid like a liquid or a gas, unlike solid substances, takes the shape of the container in which they are stored.

2. The absence of fractures and  cuts on the face of the skelton are the conclusive proof that the person to whom the  skelton belongs did not die a violent death.

3. A group of young boys who was passing by that way came to the rescue of the child drowning in the river.

4. A real friend, very rare in the world of today, is he who shares his all comforts and woes with you and conceal nothing from you.

5. In the present era of competition, promoting sale of goods by advertisement  through various agencies have become essential for companies.
6. I purchased some mangoes and oranges from a shop but the quality of mangoes were not good to eat.
7. Five candidates participated in the competition but only the deserving was able to qualify.

8. A major contribution of the freedom fighters are that we are living freely in an independent country today.

9. Whether she gets married now or she remains single throughout her life are her personal problem.

10. The Oldman realised that none of his two sons are capable of handling his business well.


1. .......the container in which it is stored.
2. .....the skelton is the conclusive.....
3. ......boys which was passing by......
4. ......with you and conceals nothing.....
5. ...... various agencies has become.....
6. ....the quality of mangoes was not good....
7.  N.E.
8. ......the freedom fighters is that we....
9. .....her life is her personal problem.
10. ....that neither of his two sons is .....