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VOCABULARY -- Word Meaning Exercises ---based on Previous Examination Questions

Exercises relating to Vocabulary - Word Meanings 

(Based on latest changed style used in Competition Exams.)

Choose the correct Meaning of the phrase/clause/word in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.


1.The potential frequent interference Mr.Trump's daughter may make in the administration is     vexatious.

1.expected  2. irritating  3. supportive 4. obligatory

2. She sitting at another table in the cafe  was from time to time exchanging furtive glances     with him. 

1.deliberately   2.lovely    3.openly   4.secretively

3. A delirium of mad violence swept all over the city after the decision was announced. 

1.storm    2.monotonous   3.frenzy   4. clamorous 

4. "I have been flooded with hundreds of calls......Getting accolades was not my intention."        said the headmaster.

1.decorum 2. honour 3.delight  4.importance 

5. It was a splendid morning and the air was redolent with perfume of rose petals scattered       all around on the floor.

1.fragrant  2.affected  3.overflowing  4.enchanted

6. " As they danced together, a spark of romance kindled between them." wrote he. 

1. attracted 2. aroused  3. appeared  4.endeared

7. He is embroiled in a case that alleges he received bribe in exchange for political favours.

1.  attacked  2.dragged   3. deliberated  4. invplved

8. Spring water flowed down swiftly and clatter of the falling water muffled his cries.

1. softened  2. smashed   3. drowned 4. rattled 

9. In the play he was depicted as a very unctuous,truly horrific villain whom the audience         despised.

1. braggart 2. insidious 3. quarrelsome 4.flattering 

10. "How could he, with his perspicacious, and refined mind, ever commit such a                        mistake?" said he. 

1.sagacious  2.dubious  3.skeptical 4. sophisticated

ANSWERS : (1.(2) 2.(4) 3.(3) 4.(2) 5.(1) 6.(2) 7.(4) 8.(1) 9.(4) 10.(1)

Exercise No.


1. Under the right to freedom of thought we have right to have our own private thoughts              even if they are heretical.

1. confidential 2. detrimental 3. dissenting 4.secretive

2. A series of macabre incidents involving violent injury and death ensued announcement of     the court decision.

1. troublesome 2. abrupt 3. unrestrained  4. gruesome

3. Both the brothers quarreled continually, started vituperating and finally fighting each             other.

1. scolding   2. criticizing 3. cursing 4.thrashing 

4. Eventually the government acceding to public demand  rescinded the new regulation.

1.repealed   2.reenacted 3. reinstated 4. reviewed 

5. It is her selfless and candor nature that has made her popular among her friends.

1.shrewd  2. frank 3.caring  4.obliging

6. Pebbles of different colours spattered along brims of the road presented a charming              view.

1. amassed   2.collected 3.splashed  4.heaped

7. Many munificent patrons and donors contribute in money and kind to our institution.

1. surreptitious 2. scrupulous 3. numerous 4. generous 

8. They believe that events like tornadoes and earthquakes are cosmic retribution  for              human pride.

1. vengeance .2. negligence  3. repression  4. optimisation

9. She is no more novice in cooking, she has emerged as  an expert cook now.

1. developer  2.learned 3.shirker 4.beginner

10. We all remain resolute  in our endeavour  to improve working of the company. 

1. determined 2.continue  3. persist  4. maintain 

ANSWERS : (1.(3) 2.(4) 3.(2) 4.(1) 5.(2) 6.(3) 7.(4) 8.(1) 9.(4) 10.(1)

Exercise No.


1. "Their alacrity in adjusting instilled them with confidence, and also pragmatism." said he. 

1. leisure 2. sluggishness 3.eagerness 4.awareness

2. "Beneath all her smirk  and insinuation, her derision was quite evident." said he.

1.  simper 2. flatter 3. brag 4.sinister

3. A detailed and frank disquisition on the subject brought many unknown facts into light.

1. clarification 2.description  3.identification  4.discussion 

4. It is pertinent to state that leaders, not laggards, contribute to progress pf the institution.  

 1. swindler 2.influential 3.dawdler 4.director 

5. He is chary  of fiddling with something that engenders his goodwill.

1.pretentious 2. dreaded 3.apprehensive  4 cautious 

6. "Liberal critics revile the emperor as a ruthless ruler who tortured and imprisoned his opponents."

1.merciless 2.ferocious 3.motionless 4.shameless

7. Illiteracy and underemployment among people is a big impediment to growth of villages.

1.escalation  2.curtailment 3. reduction 4.hindrance

8. He paced briskly back and forth in anguish as he spoke into his cellphone.

1. jealousy 2. stress 3. distress 4. exuberance   

9. He being a fugitive in his country sought asylum in the United States.

1.scoundrel  2.absconder 3. murderer 4.criminal

10. She and Trump visited the aggrieved families to commiserate about their troubles.

1.inquire 2. assess 3. assist  4. sympathize 

ANSWERS : (1.(3) 2.(1) 3.(2) 4.(3) 5.(4) 6.(1) 7.(4) 8.(3) 9.(2) 10.(4)

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