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VOCABULARY -- Word Meaning Exercises ---based on Previous Examination Questions

Exercises relating to Vocabulary - Word Meanings 

(Based on latest changed style used in Competition Exams.)

Mark the correct Meaning of the word in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.

1. What I surmise is that there was a deliberate attempt to malign his reputation.

1. foresee 2. guess 3. believe 4. gather 

2. The meeting ended without any result due to inexorable attitude of both the parties.

1. adamant  2. indifferent  3. impressive  4. plausible 

3. A dissonant atmosphere prevailed throughout the meeting of the board.

1.disastrous  2.entertaining 3.monotonous 4. inharmonious 

4. The authorities need an evidence to prove her complicity in the scam.

1. innocence 2.occupation 3. participation 4. governance

5. She is in the habit of be-fooling others by  dissimulation of her feelings.

1.imitating  2.overdoing  exaggerating  4.faking  

6. She was an avid writer who wrote many books on science fiction.

1. seasoned 2. enthusiastic 3. prominent 4. established 

7. Indignant over callous attitude of his parents he decided to leave the house.

1. disappointed 2. concerned  3. exhausted  4. offended 

8. Ecosystem of the area has been jeopardized due heavy industrialization.

1. endangered 2.engraved  3.entranced   4.enhanced

9. His explanation about his behaviour helped to mitigate host's anger.

1. enhance 2. hamper 3. express 4. lessen

10. Slowly but surely Nature retrieves, impressions grow fainter, but are not effaced.

1. make out  2. dole out 3. wipe out 4. run out  

(ANSWERS : 1. (2)  2.(1)  3.(4)  4.(3)  5.(4)  6.(2) 7.(4) 8.(1) 9.(4) 10. (3) )


1. Surmise means to make a guess from a limited information. Foresee means to make a prophecy or to know before hand. Believe means to have belief. Gather means to collect information. Out of the given options 2.Guess is correct.

2. Inexorable means which is not willing to change i.e. of obdurate nature. Indifferent means having no concern. Impressive means that cause impression. Plausible means to be believed upon. Adamant means stubborn. So 1, adamant is correct.

3. Dissonant means which is not agreeable, lacking harmony or dissenting. Disastrous means anything causing disaster or damage. Entertainment means causing amusement.Monotonous means boring. Inharmonious means lacking harmony. 4. Inharmonious is correct.

4. Complicity means involvement in a wrong or illegal act. Innocence means having done no sin wrong act. occupation means involving some job or work. Participation means doing activities sharing with others.Governance means to exercise control or authority. 3. Participation is correct as it relates to a scam.

5.Dissimulation means faking true feelings. Imitate means to copy. Overdo means to do something in excess. Concealing means to.hide.4. Faking is the correct answer. 

6. Avid means full of enthusiasm. Seasoned means deft or experienced. Prominent means famous. Established means well known or proven over passage of time. 2. enthusiastic is correct answer.

7. Indignant means to be angry over something unfair. Disappoint means to lose hope. Concerned means to be worried. exhausted means tired or overdone. 4. Offend means to make angry is correct answer.

8.  Jeopardized means  to put in danger. Engraved means carved or etched. Entrance means  way to enter or to fascinate or cast a spell.Enhance means to increase. 1.Endanger is the correct answer.

9.Mitigate means to reduce or make less. Enhance means to increase. hamper means to hinder or cause obstacle.Express means to communicate. 4. Lessen is the correct answer.

10. Effaced means to remove by rubbing etc.Make out means to find or understand. Dole out means to give in small quantity. Run out means to use one's energy etc. 3. wipe out is to remove by wiping is correct answer.


1. Benefits of these schemes are enjoyed by elite people only and others remain bereft of those

1.privileged  2. dependent  3. deprived  4. favourite

2. His explanations could not quell the criticism slapped on him by his opponents.
1.diminish  2.appease 3.face  4. resist

3. During his election campaign Trump bragged about cheaper health care for people.

1.declared  2.announced  3. decided    4. boasted

4. Her past still haunts her and often perturbs her.

1.influence   2. coerce 3.stalk   4. dread

5. Cartoons and caricatures galore in the social media showing their break up.

1. figure 2.decorate   3. abound 4. flash

6. Scurrilous and unfounded allegations were leveled against him to defame him.

1. offensive 2. serious 3, grave 4, speculative 

7. She, vulnerable and anguished, acted in a heroic manner in the days of misery.

1. disgusted 2. distressed 3. dissipated 4, depressed 

8. As the news of bomb explosion spread, all the people started running helter and skelter.

1. dreadfully  2. swiftly 3. haphazardly 4. brashly

9. Trump's recent statements drew expressions of consternation and extreme disbelief.

1. enmity 2. aversion 3. suspicion 4. dismay

10. The markets responded with trepidation after a series of scandals in the country.

1. confusion 2. mistrust 3. dread 4. suspicion  

(ANSWERS 1.(1) 2.(2) 3.(4) 4.(3) 5.(3) 6.(1) 7.(2) 8.(3) 9.(4) 10.(3))

1. Elite means person having a privileged position. Dependent means one  supported by another. Deprived means lacking something. Favourite means one liked by another.1. Privileged is the correct answer.
2. Quell means to stop or suppress something. Diminish means to reduce. Face means to encounter. Assist means to aid. 2. Suppress is the correct answer.
3. Bragged means boasted. Other options Declared, announced and decided are incorrect. Boasted is the correct answer.
4. Haunt means to cause uneasiness by reminding past. Influence means to affect. Coerce means to force. Stalk means to follow. Dread means to be afraid is the correct answer.

5. Galore means to be present in a large number. Figure means to occur. Decorate means to beautify. Flash means to emit sudden light. Abound means in large number is the correct option
6. Scurrilous means  outrageous or insulting.  Options seriousand grave are not in order here. Speculative means abstract is also not correct. Option offensive is the correct answer.
7. Anguished means  painful or distressed.  Disgusted means shocked or offended. Dissipated means degenerate. Depressed means dejected or disheartened.Distressed is the correct answer.
8. Helter and skelter means here and there or not in an orderly manner. Dreadfully means being afraid of. Swiftly means fast or with speed. Brashly means rudely and forcefully. Haphazardly means not in a proper way is the correct answer.
9. Consternation means state of dismay or shock. Enmity means hostility or hate. Aversion means hatred. Suspicion means doubt or mistrust. Dismay means  sadness or disappointment is the correct answer.
10. Trepidation means anxiety or nervousness. Conf Bragged means boasted. Other options Declared, announced and decided are incorrect. Boasted is the correct answer.usion means misunderstanding. Mistrust means distrust. Suspicion means doubt.3.Anxiety is the correct answer. 


1. The motive of business for him  is more lucrative than magnanimous.

1. benevolent 2. beneficial 3. productive 4. vindictive 

2. The company runs business successfully with altruistic motive without compromising with principles.  

1.profitable    2.philanthropic    3.generous  4.lucrative 

3. The playwright has used very pompous and magniloquent prose style in his works.

1. aesthetic  2. articulate 3. celebrated  4. pretentious

4. In modern age technology is used to augment human abilities and merge with machines.

1. enhance 2. compare 3. curtail 4. combine

5. Her characteristic spunk is punctuated by big smile on her radiant face.

1. courage 2. behaviour 3. appearance  4.attitude 

6. Scientists are in search of a genetic mutation that will leave a person nearly impervious to heart disease. 

1.vulnerable 2. susceptible 3. resistant 4. stimulated

7. Strong headed leaders tend arrogate to themselves an aura of inevitability and infallibility.

1. expose  2.restore 3.display  4.assume  

8. The miscreants vandalised private and public property.

1.embezzled 2.grappled  3.destroyed  4. divested 

9. She stood, motionless and in timorous attitude, before him and he simply gazed at him.

1.emotional 2.silent  3. frightened 4.agitated

10. Donald Trump has a history of vacillating political allegiances. 

1.substantial  2. stringent 3. poignant 4.wavering  

(ANSWERS) 1.(1) 2.(2) 3.(4) 4.(1) 5.(1) 6.(3) 7.(4) 8.(3) 9.(3) 10.(4)


1.Magnanimous  means noble or generous. Beneficial means profitable or advantageous. Productive means produced or capable of producing something. Vindictive means vengeful or to have revenge.1.Benevolent means showing kindness or goodwill is correct answer.   

2.Altruistic means to do something good for others. Profitable means advantageous in form of money or kind. Intrinsic means basic and essential. Lucrative means earning money or wealth. Philanthropic means to do good for others is correct answer.

3.Pompous means excessive or exaggerated sense of self importance. Aesthetic means pleasing in appearance or appreciating beauty or art. Articulate means to express or speak eloquently. Celebrate means to show happiness or to say in praise. Pretentious means self importance in ostentatious manner is correct answer.

4.Augment means to add or to increase. Compare means to check similarities and dissimilarities. Curtail means to cut down. Combine means to join together. Enhance means to increase is the correct answer.

5.Spunk means plucky or spirited nature. Courage is the correct and closest in meaning.

6.Impervious means not responsive to be unaffected. Vulnerable means subject to be affected. Susceptible also means prone to. Stimulated means to encourage of make something interesting. Resistant means not to be affected is correct answer.

7.Arrogate means to usurp or claim right of which one is not entitled. Expose to bring to light. Restore means to bring back to position. Display means to bring forth. Assume means to adopt something not belonging to one is the correct answer.

8.Vandalised means to destroy property etc. Embezzled means to misuse money etc. entrusted to one. Grappled means to have hand to hand fight with someone. Divested means to take away something from someone. Destroy means to ruin or demolish is the correct answer.

9.Timorous means showing fear or hesitate due to fear. Frightened is the correct answer. Emotional means relating to sentiments. Silent means without sound or voice. Agitated means feel disturbed due to anxiety or anger.   

10.Vacillating means which is not fixed. Wavering is the correct answer. Substantial means sufficient. Stringent means strict. Poignanat means causing sadness or regret.


Select meaning of the word out of given options.

1. Quintessence 

1. Glorification  2, Personification  3. Edification 4. Ratification

2. Pique 

1. Surprise  2. Ecstasy   3. Satisfaction  4. Annoyance

3. Turbid

1. Serene 2. Turbulent 3. Muddy 4. Splash 

4. Swerved 

1. Turned  2. Overturned  3. Disappeared 4. Fell Down

5. Altruistic 

1. lucrative  2. Philanthropic  3. Profitable  4. Generous

(ANSWERS 1.(2) 2.(4) 3.(3) 4.(1) 5.(2) )

Select  Synonym of the word out of given options.

1. Avid 

1.Enthusiastic  2. Seasoned  3. Established 4. Distinguished

2. Simulated

1. Arduous  2. Strenuous  3. Replicated 4. Vigorous

3. Vehemently 

1. Effectively  2. Vivaciously  3. Intensely 4. Publically 

4. Decimated 

1. Usurped 2. Snatched 3. Defunct 4. Reduced

5. Quirk 

1. Strength  2. Show  3. Twist  4. Irony 

(ANSWERS 1.(1) 2.(3) 3.(3) 4.(4) 5.(3) )