Saturday, 22 July 2017

VOCABULARY -- Word Meaning Exercises ---based on Previous Examination Questions

Exercises relating to Vocabulary - Word Meanings 

(Based on latest changed style used in Competition Exams.)

Choose the correct Meaning of the phrase/clause in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.


1. The boss served him with  a mild but firm warning for his misbehaviour in the meeting.

1. thrashed   2. denounced  3. piqued  4. admonished  

2. A dispute arose and it created angry and bitter feelings between them.

1. adhesion 2. congruity  3. acrimony  4. contradiction

3. A fault developed in the computer and the information stored in it got wiped out.

1. sabotaged  2. obliterated 3. elevated  4. reiterated 

4. It is such an issue people would like to argue even fight about it for hours together,

1. conventional  2. commendable 3. contentious 4. convincing 

5. The demonstrators went out of control with anger and destroyed property. 

1. berserk 2. redundant 3. laudatory 4. fervent 

6. It was very difficult for me  to understand his unrealistic and impracticable plans. 

1. prominent  2. flagrant  3. Quixotic 4. drastic 

7. From a humble beginning he soon grew into a prominent business magnate.

1. professional 2, tycoon 3. notorious  4. versatile 

8. The leadership remained upset and bothered throughout those days.

1. fazed   2. dreaded  3. convicted  4. committed 

9. His exuberance withered and he grew ill-tempered and gloomy in his old age.

1. demented  2. quagmire 3. agile  4. sullen 

10. He gave an indirect reference to impose new taxes in his speech.

1. indication 2. allusion  3. argument 4. direction 

(ANSWERS : 1.(4) 2. (3) 3. (2) 4.(3) 5. (1) 6.(3) 7. (2) 8.(1) 9. (4) 10. (2)

Choose the correct Meaning of the phrase/clause in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.


1. The authorities have decided to refill the market with sufficient quantity of sugar to meet with its increased consumption during ensuing festival season.

1. accumulate 2. accredit  3. recoup 4. replenish

2. The government is making strenuous efforts to enliven and invigorate the sagging economy.

1.expedite 2.satiate  3.perpetrate 4. stimulate 

3.His father repeatedly imparted him with instructions instilling a sense of responsibility in him. 

1. Integrated 2. Contemplated 3. inculcated 4. inebriated

4. Immediately a dinner party without any prior preparation was arranged in his honour by us.

1. ab initio 2. impromptu  3. impetuously 4. inevitably 

5. Malicious statements by various leaders have maligned and corrupted the whole political atmosphere. 

1. vitiated  2. depleted  3. corrugated 4. collided

6. In the absence of sufficient evidences against him the court has decided to declare him not guilty of criminal charges.

1.expatriate 2. exonerate 3. discharge 4.deprive 

7. Before making any agreement with the company he examined carefully  all the aspects of it .

1. circumspect 2.circumvent  3. introspect  4. retrospect  

8. People could hardly make out anything of the puzzling and unclear statement he issued in the press.

1. sarcastic  2.scathing   3. enigmatic   4.critical

9. His explanations why he was late to dinner last night could not bring down his parents' anger. 

1.digress  2.deviate  3.divulge  4. mitigate

10.The project though in its beginning stage is slowly but steadily making progress.

1. diminutive 2. nascent 3.regressive  4. morbid

(ANSWERS : 1.(4) 2.(4) 3.(3) 4.(2) 5.(1) 6.(2) 7 (1) 8(3) 9.(4) 10.(2) )

Choose the correct Meaning of the phrase/clause/word in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.


1. In United Kingdom, as more and more immigrants grow richer and have higher-income, they drift from the labour party of the country.

1. influential  2. reticient  3. proficient  4. affluent

2. As I  found her telling lies many a time, my trust in her has grown lesser. 

1. degraded  2. submerged  3. eroded  4. inclined  

3. The viewers get a very distorted and inaccurate information about goods and commodities through advertisements displayed on television.

1. subdued  2, skewed 3. exaggerated  4. superfluous 

4. The President inducted a team of inquisitive and innovative personnel into his advisory council.

1. inspiring 2, inquiring 3. toiling 4. striving 

5. Politicians who squabble over rover water issues pay scant attention to the quality of water people drink.

1. bicker 2. flicker 3.fritter 4. squander

6. Education about security risks online is abysmally sparse especially in small towns and villages.

1. specifically  2. terribly 3. critically 4. expressly 

7. Britain's exit from the European Union risks Europe further dividing into different groups.

1.extricating 2. chiseling 3.splintering  4.bifurcating 

8. They raised a temporary wooden structure which was very weak, unstable and liable to break.

1. sturdy 2,resilient 3,buoyant 4,fragile

9. Shifting of ill-acquired money to offshore accounts in a secretive way landed him in hot waters.
1.ostensibly 2.surreptitiously 3.irrevocably  4.suspiciously 

10. Now a days people spend extravagantly on overseas holidays and weekend celebrations.

1. exuberate 2. exhilarate 3. splash 4.splurge

(ANSWERS : (1.(4) 2. (3) 3. (2) 4.(4) 5. (1) 6.(2) 7.(3) 8.(4) 9. (2) 10,(4) )

Choose the correct Meaning of the phrase/clause/word in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.


1. The doctor advised him to move to an open and salubrious countryside area if he wants early recovery from his illness.

1.distant 2.healthy 3.unusual 4.airy

2. Once he fritters away his wealth, his fair-weather friends  will dissipate without a trace. 

1. converse 2.converge 3. disperse 4.dissent

3. Mr. Trump was not perturbed and discomforted by the protests against him outside meeting venue.

1.hazed 2.dazed  3.gazed 4.fazed

4. He got himself examined by two doctors but reports of both the doctors did not agree   with each other. 

1.consistent 2.conflicting 3.conclusive  4. confronting 

5. His life is full of difficult and tough times but he always remains happy and cheerful.

1. vicissitudes 2. servitude 3.multitudes 4. turpitude

6. Of late activities of China towards India are of unfriendly, inimical and hostile nature.

1. concurrent 2. belligerent 3. divergent 4. subservient.

7.The lack of coordination among their team mates contributed to their abysmal defeat in         the match.

1. obvious 2, terrible 3.expected 4. avoidable

8. These remarks reflect their incredible disapprobation  of his dissipated activities.

1.renunciation  2. appreciation  3. ignorance 4.condemnation

9. Parents are often oblivious of faults and follies of their wards.

1.insensible  2. unmindful 3.follow 4. afraid

10.  He is the only member of the committee who dared to show temerity  to stand up against the chairman.

1.verbosity  2.exposure 3. openness 4.audacity

ANSWERS : (1.(2) 2.(3) 3.(4) 4.(2) 5.(1) 6.(2) 7.(2) 8.(4) 9.(2) 10.(4)

Friday, 7 July 2017

VOCABULARY -- Word Meaning Exercises ---based on Previous Examination Questions

Exercises relating to Vocabulary - Word Meanings 
(Based on latest changed style used in Competition Exams.)

Mark the correct Meaning of the word in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.


1. The motive of business for him  is more lucrative than magnanimous.

1. benevolent 2. beneficial 3. productive 4. vindictive 

2. The company runs business successfully with altruistic motive without compromising with principles.  

1.profitable    2.philanthropic    3.generous  4.lucrative 

3. The playwright has used very pompous and magniloquent prose style in his works.

1. aesthetic  2. articulate 3. celebrated  4. pretentious

4. In modern age technology is used to augment human abilities and merge with machines.

1. enhance 2. compare 3. curtail 4. combine

5. Her characteristic spunk is punctuated by big smile on her radiant face.

1. courage 2. behaviour 3. appearance  4.attitude 

6. Scientists are in search of a genetic mutation that will leave a person nearly impervious to heart disease. 

1.vulnerable 2. susceptible 3. resistant 4. stimulated

7. Strong headed leaders tend to arrogate themselves an aura of inevitability and infallibility.

1. expose  2.restore 3.display  4.assume  

8. The miscreants vandalised private and public property.

1.embezzled 2.grappled  3.destroyed  4. divested 

9. She stood, motionless and in timorous attitude, before him and he simply gazed at him.

1.emotional 2.silent  3. frightened 4.agitated

10. Donald Trump has a history of vacillating political allegiances. 

1.substantial  2. stringent 3. poignant 4.wavering  

(ANSWERS) 1.(1) 2.(2) 3.(4) 4.(1) 5.(1) 6.(3) 7.(4) 8.(3) 9.(3) 10.(4)


1.Magnanimous  means noble or generous. Beneficial means profitable or advantageous. Productive means produced or capable of producing something. Vindictive means vengeful or to have revenge.1.Benevolent means showing kindness or goodwill is correct answer.   

2.Altruistic means to do something good for others. Profitable means advantageous in form of money or kind. Intrinsic means basic and essential. Lucrative means earning money or wealth. Philanthropic means to do good for others is correct answer.

3.Pompous means excessive or exaggerated sense of self importance. Aesthetic means pleasing in appearance or appreciating beauty or art. Articulate means to express or speak eloquently. Celebrate means to show happiness or to say in praise. Pretentious means self importance in ostentatious manner is correct answer.

4.Augment means to add or to increase. Compare means to check similarities and dissimilarities. Curtail means to cut down. Combine means to join together. Enhance means to increase is the correct answer.

5.Spunk means plucky or spirited nature. Courage is the correct and closest in meaning.

6.Impervious means not responsive to be unaffected. Vulnerable means subject to be affected. Susceptible also means prone to. Stimulated means to encourage of make something interesting. Resistant means not to be affected is correct answer.

7.Arrogate means to usurp or claim right of which one is not entitled. Expose to bring to light. Restore means to bring back to position. Display means to bring forth. Assume means to adopt something not belonging to one is the correct answer.

8.Vandalised means to destroy property etc. Embezzled means to misuse money etc. entrusted to one. Grappled means to have hand to hand fight with someone. Divested means to take away something from someone. Destroy means to ruin or demolish is the correct answer.

9.Timorous means showing fear or hesitate due to fear. Frightened is the correct answer. Emotional means relating to sentiments. Silent means without sound or voice. Agitated means feel disturbed due to anxiety or anger.   

10.Vacillating means which is not fixed. Wavering is the correct answer. Substantial means sufficient. Stringent means strict. Poignant means causing sadness or regret.


Select meaning of the word out of given options.

1. Quintessence 

1. Glorification  2, Personification  3. Edification 4. Ratification

2. Pique 

1. Surprise  2. Ecstasy   3. Satisfaction  4. Annoyance

3. Turbid

1. Serene 2. Turbulent 3. Muddy 4. Splash 

4. Swerved 

1. Turned  2. Overturned  3. Disappeared 4. Fell Down

5. Altruistic 

1. lucrative  2. Philanthropic  3. Profitable  4. Generous

(ANSWERS 1.(2) 2.(4) 3.(3) 4.(1) 5.(2) ) 

     1.   Quintessence means embodiment or personification. Glorify means to adore or to adore. Edify             means to educate or to enlighten.  Ratify means  to approve or to sanction. Correct meaning is             Personification.
            2.  Pique means  displeasure or annoyance. Surprise means astonishment. Ecstasy means                           happiness and satisfaction means contentment. 4. Annoyance is the correct answer.
3.         3.   Turbid means  confused  or disorganized. Serene means peaceful or calm. Muddy means                       containing mud. Splash means to squish or squeeze.2. Turbulent meaning unsettled is the                   correct answer.
4.         4.  Swerved means veered or diverged. Overturned disappeared and fell down mean a change in                negative sense. 1. Turned is the right answer.
5.          5. Altruistic means noble or selfless. Lucrative means attracting money. Profitable means earning             profit or gain. Generous  means showing kindness. 2. Philanthropic is the correct answer.


Select  Synonym of the word out of given options.

1. Avid 

1.Enthusiastic  2. Seasoned  3. Established 4. Distinguished

2. Simulated

1. Arduous  2. Strenuous  3. Replicated 4. Vigorous

3. Vehemently 

1. Effectively  2. Vivaciously  3. Intensely 4. Publically 

4. Decimated 

1. Usurped 2. Snatched 3. Defunct 4. Reduced

5. Quirk 

1. Strength  2. Show  3. Twist  4. Irony 

(ANSWERS 1.(1) 2.(3) 3.(3) 4.(4) 5.(3) )

1.   1.    Avid means ardent or keen.  Enthusiastic  also means fervent is the correct answer. Seasoned              means  having experience.  Established means recognized or reputed. Distinguished means                 famous or renowned .
2.     2.  Simulated means fake, replicated or imitated. 3. Replicated is the correct answer. Vigorous                  means having strength. Arduous and strenuous mean  difficult, laborious or onerous.
3.     3.  Vehemently means strongly or fervently. 3. Intensely is the correct answer. Effectively means               efficiently or successfully. Vivaciously means  vibrantly or cheerfully. Publically means                       openly,freely or visibly.
4.    4.   Decimated means annihilated or reduced. 4. Reduced is the correct answer. Usurped means                  grabbed or seized. Snatched means taken away. Defunct means obsolete or invalid.
5.    5.   Quirk means to change or turn by chance. 3. Twist is the correct answer. Strength means vigour.           Show means to display. Irony means satire or mockery.

Mark the correct Meaning of the word in bold and underlined.

Exercise No.


1.There continues a malignant  trend of needlessly politicising the work of scientists and environmentalists.

1. prevalent  2, popular  3. sulking 4. malicious.

2. High rate of interest has added to delinquency of repayment of the loan amount.

1. accumulation 2. sequel  3. default 4. delay

3. The tale aroused intense, evanescent emotions in the minds of listeners that haunted them for some time.

1. temporary  2. vindictive   3. ferocious   4. severe

4. The crowd of spectators was small and convivial, with families bringing their children to enjoy the performance.

1.hostile 2. sociable 3.slander 4.jubilant

5. There was a scintillating conversation among all the participants on different topics over a cup of coffee.

1. amusing   2.  unrestrained 3.  collective 4.substantial 

6. The playwright embellishes the reality, adds his imagination to it and thus creates fiction.

1. establishes 2. prepares 3. adorns 4. propagates

7. He lived with his family in a sparsely furnished house in a densely populated area of the city.

1. profusely 2.thinly  3.insidiously  4. scary

8. Boisterous protesters carrying flags and raising slogans against the government spilled in the city.

1. violent 2. rampant 3. several 4.scared.

9. The fiasco exposed the preparations made by the government to meet with the flood situation.

1. challenge 2. arrangement 3. occasion 4. debacle.

10. She is no more a school girl to be wheedled by the promises of petty gifts.

1.coaxed  2. derived 3. appealed 4.covered

(ANSWERS : 1.(4) 2. (3) 3. (1) 4.(2) 5.(1) 6.(3) 7.(2) 8. (1)9.(4) 10.(1) )