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The conversion or transformation of a sentence implies changing  grammatical form of a sentence from one to another without changing its meaning. It can be done  in different ways. 

Another form of these further to previous post is as under:

D. Conversion of  Affirmative Sentences into Negative                       sentences          & Vice versa.

An Affirmative sentence provides a positive information about something happening whereas a negative sentence gives a negative information about the same. These are just general terms. However these sentences can be interchanged with each other. These are changed as under:

Change of affirmative sentences into negative sentences :

1. By using an antonyms of the word. For example.

This can be expected from a fool only.
This cannot be expected from a wise.

This is the work of a brave person.
This is not the work of a timid person.

He is aware of the faults of his son.
He is not blind to the faults of his son.

His remarks displeased his boss. 
His remarks did not please his boss.

2. By removing adverb too. For example :

He is too weak to move about.
He is so weak that he cannot move about.

This lesson is too difficult for me understand.
This lesson is so difficult that I cannot understand.

This tree is too high for the child to climb up.
This tree is so high that the child cannot climb up.

3. By using No sooner..... than. For example :

As soon as I reached home, it started raining.
No sooner did I reach home, it started raining.

As soon as she reached the office,the boss left.
No sooner did she reach the office the boss left. 

4. By using None.......but. For example :

Only his brother is at fault.
None but his brother is at fault.

Only deserving candidates could qualify.
None but deserving candidates could qualify.

5. By removing Lest .......  should. For example :

Work hard  lest you should fail.
Work hard so that you may not fail.

Walk fast lest you should be late.
Walk fast so that you may not be late.

6. By using degree of comparison. For example :

He is richer than his brother.
His brother is not as rich as he.

This city is the costliest city.
No other city is costlier than this city.

Her sister is cleverer than her.
She is not as clever as her sister is.

7. By using double negatives in the sentence. For example :

He is sure of his success.
He has no doubt of his success.

He achieved success in his mission.
He did not fail to achieve success in his mission.

8. Sundry sentences using different methods. For example :

There is always scope for a man to make amends.

It is never too late for a  man to make amends.

By dint of hard work one can achieve success.

There is no royal road to success.

Every person in the city knows him. 

There is not a single person in the city who does not know him.

For changing Negative sentences into Affirmative sentences reverse of the method given above can be used.

A Few Sentences for Practice.

1. His boss dislikes his clumsy manners.
(Change into negative sentence)
2. As soon as he saw the policeman, he ran away.
(Change into negative sentence)
3. None but a brave man can face such a situation.
(Change into affirmative sentence)
4. I did not take a note of what he says about me.
(Change into affirmative sentence)
5. There is  no fool like an old fool.
(Change into negative sentence)
6. He left no plan untried.
(Change into affirmative sentence)
7. He lost his temper during the discussion.
(Change into negative sentence)
8. He has lost all hopes to win.
(Change into negative sentence)
9. He did not believe what I said.
(Change into affirmative sentence)
10. None but you can solve this problem. 
(Change into affirmative sentence)


1. His boss does not like his clumsy manners.

2. No sooner did he see the policeman, he ran away.

3. Only a brave man can face such a situation.

4. I missed to take a note of what he says about me.

5. Old fools surpass all in folly.

6. He tried all the  plans.

7. He did not maintain  his temper during the discussion.

8. He has no hope to win.

9. He disbelieved what I said.

10. Only you can solve this problem. 

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