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Exercise For Practice---Questions From Question Papers Of Previous Years----with answers

Exercise No.CS 11

(These questions  are from Questions papers of previous years.)

Question 1. : A word is given in capital letters followed by four meanings of which two are appropriate. Identify the appropriate ones.


(a). Call out to               (b) Pull              (c) Compel             (d) Acclaim

(i) (a) & (d)               (ii) (a) & (c)          (iii) (a) & (b)        (iv)  (b) & (d)


   (a). Dislodge      (b) Become Tense                (c) Crumple               (d) Fasten

   (i) (a) & (c)        (ii) (a) & (b)                         (iii) (b) & (d)             (iv)  (c) & (d)



a). A mark on a tree                      (b) Ennui                  (c) Flood                   (d) Fire

(i) (a) & (d)                                 (ii) (a) & (c)               (iii) (a) & (d)              (iv)  (c) & (d)

Question  2.   A word in capital letters is followed by four words. Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word given in capital letters.


(i) Pensive           (ii) Imaginative          (iii) Rhetorical      (iv) Pacified

2. Levity

(i) Praise              (ii) Blame               (iii) Solemnity        (iv) Frivolity


(i)Praise                      (ii) Shame                    (iii)Slander                     (iv) Dialogue

Question 3. In each of these questions two words of a sentence are left blank. Chose  the best alternative to fill the blanks.

1. The……………..terrorist was finally ………by the police.

   (i) Famous apprehended                        (ii)Notorious nabbed
   (iii) Crafty admonished                          (iv) Renowned  caught

2. It is foolish to vent your spleen on a/an ………….object. Still, you make …………………enemies this way.

   (i) immobile, bitter                                          (ii) interesting, curtain
   (iii)Humane, more                                           (iv) Inanimate, fewer

3. Compromise is……… passionate natures because it seems to surrender, and to intellectual natures because it seems a …………..

  (i) Unsuited, submission                                 (ii) Odious, confusion
  (iii) Intimidation, dichotomy                           (iv) Inherent, fabrication

Question 4. Each sentence has four italic parts marked A,B,C&D. Identify the one that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

1. Organised (A) labour has fight(B) for and won protection and benefits(C) for its (D) workers.

1.A                   2.B                         3.C                  4.D

2  .A music and dance show have been (A) organized  to raise (B) funds for the orphanage on the first (C) Saturday of  next (D) month.

1.A                   2.B                      3.C                   4.D

3. The book is well- printed (A) and attractively bound(B) making altogether (C) an attractive(D).

1.A                  2.B                      3.C                   4.D

Question 5. Each of these sentences has an idiomatic expression followed by four options. Choose the one close to its meaning.

1. ‘Dog in the manger’

(i) A person who is not liked by others.
(ii) A person who is hounded.
(iii) A person who puts himself into danger on account of others.
(iv) A person who is useless and prevents others from enjoying.  

2. ‘Talk Shop’

(i) Always talk about shopping.
(ii) Talk exclusively about business or professional affairs.
(iii) Talk about the latest trends in fashion.
(iv) Talk about useless things. 

3. Stick to one’s guns.

(i) Remain faithful to one’s cause.
(ii) Suspect something.
(iii)  Make something fail
(iv)  Be satisfied

Question 6. Each sentence has an italic word. Choose the best word or phrase from the four options which can replace it.

1. She saw through the con man’s wiles.

(i) Timing (ii) Casualness (iii) Sudden fancy (iv) Trickery

2. It is woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

(i)opinion (ii) wealth (iii) privilege  (iv).knowledge.

3. The inexorable demands of the workers brought the company to closure.

(i) unreasonable (ii) Monetary (iii) violent (iv) Relentless

Question 7 In each of these questions a related pair of words is followed by four pairs of words. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to the one expressed in the original pair.


(i) Elastic : Stretch
(ii)Gullible: Trick
(iii) Headstrong: Control
(iv)Sensible: Decide


(i) Criticism: Redundant
(ii) Eulogy: Laudatory
(iii) Adage: Symbolic
(iv) Maxim : Allegorical

3. Physique: Sturdy

(i) Punctuality: Tardy
(ii) Intellect : Noble
(iii) Fabric: Warm
(iv) Investment: Sound

Question  8.Each sentence has one italic part. There are three possible substitutes. If one of them is better than the italic part, choose that as your answer. If none of the substitutes improves the sentence, then choose (4) as your answer.

1. The Vice President of the local bank spoke for a half an hour and told his colleague that he, his colleague,  must consider finding a new job,or accept a reduction in salary.

(i) for a half hour and told his colleague that he must consider to find a new job.
(ii) for half an hour and told his colleague that the colleague must get employed by a new bank.
(iii) for half an hour and told his colleague to consider finding a new job.

2. He does not smoke, nor he drinks.

(i) nor he does drink.(ii)neither he does drink.(iii)nor does he drink(iv)no change.

3. Although he is liable to make political enemies with the decision, the Finance Minister will propose severe tax cuts that may stimulate business and reduce the availability of loans.

(i) Liable from (ii) able to (iii) of a mind to (iv) No change.

4. She wished that her career could be as glamorous as the other women but not willing to work as they had.

(i) As glamorous as the other women’s
(ii) More glamorous than the career of the other women.
(iii) Glamours
(iv) No change.

5. No matter what experience you have had with forest fires if you would have witnessed the fire roaring down through the canyon, you would have been terrified.

1.if you witnessed  2. If you had witnessed   3. If you could witness 4. No change


Q1. 1(i)  2(iv) 3(iii) 

Q2.1(ii) 2(iii) 3(i)

Q3 1(ii) 2(iv) 3.(i)

Q4 1(2B) 2(1A) 3(3C)

Q5 1(4)  2(2) 3(1)

Q6 1(iv) 2(iii) 3(iv)

Q7 1(iii) 2(ii) 3(iv)

Q8 1(iii) 2(iii) 3(iv) 4(ii) 5 (ii)

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