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Exercise  No. 7.
Choose  the correct meaning of the following idioms//idiomatic phrases out of the given alternatives.

1. To steal the show.

A. To gain popularity.
B. To rob someone of his wealth.
C. To leave the show stealthily.
D. To send someone out of show.

2.To show the door.

A. To extricate someone from service.
B. To escort someone up to door.
C. To repair the house door.
D. To exaggerate about self.

3.To push to the corner.

A. To make someone insignificant.
B.To fight with someone.
C. To make a physical assault.
D. To defeat someone in wrestling.

4. To eat a humble pie.

A. To eat a coarse food.
B. To eat delicious food.
C. To commit mistake and apologize.
D. To give food to the poor.

5. Above board.

A. To travel by a ship.
B. To cross all the limits.
C. To go on a voyage.
D. Fair without any doubt.

Answers: 1.A   2.A   .3.A   .4.C   5.D.

Exercise  No. 8.Choose the correct meaning of the following idioms//idiomatic phrases out of the given alternatives.

Out of four alternatives given for idioms/phrases underlined in the following sentences, choose one which expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

1. Over head and ears.

A. To cover one’s face.
B. To work very hard.
C. Completely, in all respects.
D. To make one’s all efforts.

2.On the brink of.

A. To be very intimate.
B. To go stray.
C. To be very close to
D. To stroll on river side.

3. To grease one’s palm.

A. To bribe someone.
B. To help the needy person.
A. To massage one’s hand.
D. To make an irritating gestures.

4.A  Lion’s share.
A. A major share.
B. An act of bravery.
C. Food for a lion.
D. A cage for a lion.

5. Out and out.

A. In a drunken condition.
B. Completely
C. To drink wine..
D. To turn someone out of home.

Answers: 1.C   2.C   3.A   4.A     5.B.

Exercise No. 9.

1. When his brother returned from the factory, he looked like a duck in a thunder storm.

A. Very handsome. B. Very tired. C. Very enthusiastic D. Distressed.

2.Ignoring his father’s warnings to him,  he burnt his fingers by interfering in John’s affairs.

A. Got ashamed of B. Got himself into trouble C. Suffered monetary loss. D. burnt his hand in fire.

3. I found his father having a cold feet in starting a new business.

A. Very confident about B. Too much interested C. reluctant
 D Over enthusiastic.

4. He had to eat a humble pie in starting a row with his neighbour over a trifle.

A. To feel sorry and apologise for a wrong B. to take simple  food
C. To remain without food D.To be punished for doing something wrong.

5. By disobeying the orders of his boss, John stirred up a hornet’s nest.

A. to get severe punishment. B. To invite a trouble C. To make a protest D.To be imprisoned.

Answers: 1.D.2.B.3.C.4.A.5.B.

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