Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sentence Correction Exercise for CAT English Verbal

Sentence Correction 

Exercise no. 3

Correct the following sentences:

1.A new mall has been started last Sunday.

2.People left the place before the storm started.

3.He,you and I are at fault.

4.He asked the stranger where does he come from.

5.We rare see a tiger these days

Exercise no 4

Correct the following Sentences:

1.Every man,woman and child were happy.

2.Sticking of Bills on these walls are prohibited.

3.The United States have a big army.

4.With whom will he marry?

5.I assented with your proposal.

Exercise no 5: 

Correct the following Sentences :

1. A child is not able to distinguish in good and evil.

2. He offered me a chair to sit.

3. They supplied the poor clothing.

4. I prefer tea for coffee.

5. The child resembles to her mother.

Practice Exercise 1, Exercise 2 at link : Click meStudents, Please enter your answers in comments. I shall correct them !