Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sentence Correction Exercise

Write / Comment whether these are correct or incorrect.

(Hint:Errors may be due to incorrect use of tenses.)

Exercise 1:

Correct the following sentences :

1. Who is there? It is me.

2. I like curly hairs.

3. Travel lightly if you must.

4. I found a ten rupees note yesterday.

5. If I shall go to Delhi I shall bring a watch for you.

Exercise 2 :

1. They had gone to the market yesterday.

2. He is living in this house for the last two years.

3. God will help you if you will help me.

4 I am working for the last two hours.

5. You will succeed only if you will work hard.

Exercise 3 :

Correct the following sentences:

1.A new mall has been started last Sunday.

2.People left the place before the storm started.

3.He,you and I are at fault.

4.He managed to pass some how.

5.We rare see a tiger these days

Practice Exercise 4, Exercise 5 at link : Click me

 Please enter your answers in comments. I shall correct them )