Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sentence Correction Exercise for English Verbal

Sentence Correction Exercises : English Verbal for Competitive Exams

Exercise no.6
Correct the following sentences :

  1. These days he finds it very difficult to make his both ends meet.
  2. The enquiry has brought at light some strange facts about the case.
  3. He took with heart the death of his wife.
  4. The strike have thrown many industries out of gear.
  5. No sooner he fell off the horse then he passed away.

Exercise no 7
Correct the following sentences:

  1. The enemy force had to retreat.
  2. She was at her wit's end.
  3. He likes the girls the hair of which is brown.
  4. The child tore five fifty rupees notes.
  5. She is known by her honesty.

Exercise no. 8
Correct the following Sentences:

  1. I did not go to the market yet.
  2. I did not see him for a month.
  3. I live in Bombay since 2010.
  4. He has shifted his house yesterday.
  5. He has resigned from his service last Monday.